Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A cry from my soul...

Israel, you have captured my soul, you have enslaved me by your beauty.
I am in a kind of prison since the day we parted.
How can I rejoice when I am far from you oh Jerusalem? How can I enjoy the goodness of your feasts while I am far away? How can I delight in your rest while I am a slave dwelling far from your tents?
I cry for you when I remember the joy that was mine when I was by your side.
Now I celebrate your feasts in a far away land, and I try to comfort my soul as I whisper to myself "Next Year in Jerusalem"...
Day after day I toil for you, the sweat on my brow testifies to my love for you.
I find no rest for my weary soul in the midst of the nations.
Why is the road so long? I reach for you my beloved, do stretch forth your hand in mercy!
Do not turn your eyes away from your lover, I keep them continually before me.

I whisper my prayers to the Almighty thrice daily, pleading as the ancient generations to be granted to see your face and to live and die by your side.
To see once again your walls O Jerusalem! To enjoy the breeze of the Sea by your shore Asher! To drink fully of the sunset in your mountains O Carmiel; To smell the perfume of your flowers O Kinneret; To climb to the top of the ancient Hermon; To rest on the shores of the Yarden; To drink from the wells of Ein Gedi; and admire the sterile beauty of the Negev!
My Beloved! reach for me as I do for you! I shall not rest until I be able to bless the Name of the Lord within your walls O Jerusalem!

Remember your lost sons O Zion, make room in your tent, prepare a feast for that day will be full of laughter and joy when we will make our way to your door, when the exile will be forgotten and all your sons reunited with you.



VAPerezM said...

Carnal!!! casi lloro, en vrd esta con ganas... Oh Jerusalen la hermosa!!! Cuanto anelo algun dia, estar alla y ke la risa y alegria sean en mi vida, mi alma consuelo con un "no te rindas, algun dia, ten Fe" con el miedo en mi alma ke no llegue ese dia... Pero Grande es nuestro Dios, grande es el Dios de Israel!!!

jd said...

Si me olvido de ti oh Jerusalem...que mi diestra se olvide y que mi lengua se pegue a mi paladar!