Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out of Darkness comes Light

In the midst of exile we find the promise of Redemption. The seed of redemption is sown in the soil of exile. The exile might be long, but it will surely bring forth the Redemption.
Even in the mourning of Av, we can see the glimmer of hope already on the horizon.

Another poem by Yehuda HaLevi

To Israel in Exile

O Sleeper whose heart is awake, burning and raging, now wake and go forth,
and walk in the light of my presence.
Rise, and ride on! A star has come forth for you, and he who has lain in the pit will
go up to the top of Sinai.
Let them not exult, those who say, 'Zion is desolate! - for My heart is in Zion and My eyes are there. I reveal Myself and I conceal Myself, now I rage, now I consent - but who has more compassion than I have for My children?

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